Coloring Craze

Coloring Craze!

I just can't help myself. I love coloring! I always have. As a child, there was nothing better than diving into a brand new box of crayons and a fresh, new coloring book. I have vivid memories of that happening. I never quite grew tired of it, either. As a child, I never contemplated the amazing benefits of coloring that I now know exist. Read on, to see how this coloring craze supports relaxation, concentration and memory. Oh, yes!

Keep on Coloring

If you, too, have been fond of the act of creating a glorious, unique design on paper with myriad, swirling colors, a mandala book may be just what you need! Touted as adult coloring books, mandala drawings have been around for ages. And I do mean ages. They are resurfacing and creating quite the rage. The patterned little gems run the gamut of simplistic to intricate. Lose yourself in a mandala drawing today.

About Mandalas

A mandala is a sacred space and often is in a circular shape. In Sanskrit, mandala means both circle and center, so it may be seen as reflective of the visible world around us (entire circle - whole world) and the invisible world of our psyches (the center - healing circle). Mandalas can be found in all ancient cultures. They are present in many religions, including Christianity.

Use in Therapy

From a therapeutic standpoint, Carl Jung, noted Swiss psychiatrist, used mandalas and symbolism in his work with patients. In modern day psychology, helping professionals may use mandalas in a variety of ways.

Calming to the Limbic System

In my own practice, I have used mandalas for years with kids, teens and adults, to help them focus and relax during sessions. I like them for the rhythmic coloring opportunity they provide. The back and forth of shading in of the spaces is very calming to the limbic brain.

Mandalas in the Classroom

Use mandalas in the classroom to improve focus, concentration and memory. We'll write a more expansive post on that later, but for now, just know that the rhythmic action required in shading in a mandala requires very few executive resources and can help reduce aimless daydreaming. Could mandalas offer higher test scores? Hmmmmm....

What You'll Get:

* 25 Unique Mandala Designs (copy as many as you need for years to come)

* 6 pages of Mini-Mandalas, each page contains for of our designs in miniature

* 5 pages of ideas to promote calm, concentration, relaxation

*40 pages total

* Use in the home, classroom, therapy office, school counseling, groups, scouting

* BONUS: 2 pages of micro-mini mandalas, 8 to a page

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